The new Chièvrois school is springing and feminizing



Turquoise majority MR – Ecolo presented the composition and allocations of their future team alderman

On December 3, a new turquoise majority will be set up in Chievres. A total of 59% of votes in the evening, the MR (7 elected) is currently sitting in the opposition and Ecolo (3 elected) have closed the alliance to run the Airmen city in the next six years. The big losers in the elections were preparing the Socialists for granting power to those political parties who just signed their majority pact for the legislative period 2018-2024. On this occasion, the future liberal burgomaster Claude Demarez presented the composition of the new college and the distribution of skills. MR will have four Aldermanates, while the Greens will have two. The next current master, Olivier Hartiel (PS), will take care especially of the heritage, cults and factories of the church. The first parent, Laurence Feron (MR), will be responsible for raising, early childhood, agriculture and tourism. The departing alderman Didier Lebailly (Ecolo) has the same characteristics. For example, sustainable development, mobility, housing, etc. Already at the Zoé Delhaye School (RM), he receives budget and finance, sports, youth, economy, employment and old age. Work, spatial planning, urban planning and housing services go to Frédéric De Weireld (Ecolo). Regarding Marie-Charlotte Dauby (MR), she will chair the CPAS, while she will take care of culture, folklore and traditions, without forgetting new communications technologies and information.


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