Thursday , November 14 2019
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The American Solar Sail Lightail 2 has been well opened in space


A month after launching in place, the solar sail of the United States Planetary Society unfolded correctly Tuesday orbiting the earth. The SunSail, named LightSail 2, is a small, 32-square-inch satellite with a very thin, lightweight and reflective Milar Polar, which allows the camera to pass through the sun from the sun's photons. This is an experiment to prove that technology has grown.
"Deployment completed!" Tweet this organization. Data sent by aircraft to the ground confirmed the operation of the aircraft. Photographs taken by the probe should allow it to be visually confirmed later in the day.
The Planner Society's director, Bill Nye, told AFP last month that the solar segments would allow more than a day to "curb" solar energy to "sail among the stars".
The solar sail will remain in orbit around the earth and, if all goes well, it will gradually increase its altitude thanks to the pressure of solar radiation.
What to use in the future?
Bill Nye explains that they would be helpful in sending robust missions far, far, beyond our solar system, because of the ship, if it was going to be slower initially as if it were equipped with an engine, would accelerate continuously and ultimately reach Extraordinary speeds.

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