Sylvester Stallone n'enfilera plus son costume de Rocky



The American actor Sylvester Stallone announced Wednesday that it refers to Rocky Balboa's role, estimating that time has taken place at the young generation by the new hero of Adonis Johnson.

"From now on that I remove and my story has been blocked, a new world is open to the public with this generation," explains the actor in a message posted on Instagram, which sees visible when launching "Creed II ", from November 21 to the United States.

From 1976, Sylvester Stallone has come up with some riddles that will make the famous and most valuable nomination for Oscars.

"Even though I had to bite my cousin, all the time," she writes on Instagram. "Rocky is not easy ever since it's fast," he said to fans of the saga.

"There has been a great privilege for my ability to create and play that important character," explaining the comic, screenwriter, producer, and producer, today's 72-year-old.

"The Rock That Was Rocky Was Made in 2006, and I'm Fighting All Over It," she says in this night's video tournament that has been featured in a vague area, in the presence of "Creed II" crew.

"It's all about the coup, the young man who is presented and the story is changing", which, inevitably, brings about the actor Michael B. Jordan, presenting the video tournament as well as the rest of it champ.

Done "Creed – Rocky Balboa" and "Creed II", the young comedians Adonis Johnson, the boxer Apollo Creed, most of the Rocky Balboa celebrated by the Soviets Ivan Drago for a fight at the summit .

After a refusal, Stallone finally accepted the proposal by Ryan Coogler, the realistic actress, who wanted to rediscover the legend in a much larger version.

In the year 2015, "Creed", in Rocky's preparing adonis to a professional combat, has been a global success with $ 173 million recipes, according to Specialist Box Office Mojo.

The Dutch song "Creed II" seems to be partly made for the most part, after realizing, the weekend's end, the great debut ever since the United States for a Rocky film.

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