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Soon a Thor woman and a Valkyrie LGBT in the movies


It is the actress Natalie Portman who will play the character of Thor Thor: Love and Thunder, The next film of the Franchise. And the superheroine valkryie, also featured in the fourth film of the saga, will be the first character blunt of the Marvel universe in the cinema.

After playing in Tore In 2011 and then in Tore : A thick world (Thor: The Dark World) In 2013, Natalie Portman will resume his role as Astrophysicist Jane Foster. In Thor: Love and ThunderThe American actress will brand the Djolnir, the famous hammer of Tor, the lightning and thunder god.

This is the first time the character of Tor, played by Chris Hemsworth in the previous three films of the saga, will be played by a woman.

Valkyrie looking for her queen

Portrait of Tessa's tampon, hair tied in two buns

American actress Tessa Thompson

Photo: Jenny Pictures for her pictures / Jeff Spicer

Already on the bill of Tore : RagnarokThe third installment of Thor's adventures, the African-American actress Tessa, will show off in the skin of Valkyrie the superhero. Thor: Love and Thunder.

As a new king [d’Asgard], [Valkyrie] Will need to find a queenTessa Thompson tells fans of the San Diego Comic con, revealing that her character is attracted to women.

Later, Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, confirmed this information to the IO9 website.

Increased diversity in front of and behind the camera

Behind the camera, Marvel Studios is obviously the epitome of ethnic, gender and sexual orientation.

From the five new films in Marvel's universe, Saturday in Comic-co-San Diego, only a feature film will be directed by a white man.

The exit from Thor: Love and Thunder Scheduled for November 2021.

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