Side statement: the union front and leadership lead to a prior agreement


Therefore, the strike will be a complete paralysis of the company from November 7th.

The trade union and the leadership of the bpost on Monday, just before 21:00, announced that they "had a concrete agreement on restoring confidence and giving priority to the well-being of staff." He mediates after daily marathon negotiations, but at the time of noon, it was an important announcement.

The unions really agreed that the rotation of the rotating strike stops the same night – with Monday stops at the post offices, the call center, the administrative departments and the red-box removal – it stopped at the end of Tuesday at 22:00 with the package sending service. This gesture was greeted by Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), the minister who controls the bpost. "This is an important sign and a sign of confidence," he said.

The preliminary agreement will be presented to staff on Tuesday

Without a doubt, there was a witness to progress in the negotiations that began on the first day of strike on Wednesday. "Following the decision this afternoon to suspend the actions, the parties continued the dialogue and started a prior agreement in order to restore confidence and meet the expectations of staff in terms of workload. This is an important basis for ensuring the well-being of employees and future plans of the establishment. are committed to presenting various measures to their delegations tomorrow. The parties also pledged to meet again in the near future to conclude a collective labor contract for the period 2019-2020, "trade unions and management have indicated.

The terms of this prior agreement, which will be delivered to managers on Tuesday, with their responsibility to inform staff, are not yet known.

Insufficient work, workload, savings

It must undoubtedly contain strong proposals because it required six unions around the table. For a long time, they have been denying the serious problems of chronic under-staffing and, consequently, the workload that exploded for postal workers. Employee representatives also warn of the savings plans that the company has taken, "to the detriment of staff and while the shareholders continue to receive dividends" and the level of salaries of top managers who are considered indecent.

In short, the social path was full and the lid exploded. For the first time in over 20 years, a five-day single frontal strike has been declared and followed widely in the battalion.


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