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Many fans and spectators in Sporting Anderlecht wonder why Sambi Lokong in Anderlecht after his excellent championship in the last season did not get an opportunity in Anderlecht. "Just look at the players who are in my position to understand them, they are experienced players, so I was on the bench or on the stands," said Brother Mpoku after his good match at Waasland-Beveren.

Same story on Vanhaezebrouck. "We have a plan with him, but you have to know that he is in his position with Kums, Trebel and Makarenko, and he must know that we have an aim for him."

"Yeah, that's right, he told me he had a plan," Lokonga admits. "It leads me, it gives me a lot of advice." Karim (Belhocine ed.) It also helps me to work on my mistakes, sometimes my coach tells me: If you succeed in erasing this, it will be much better if you have it. And that's what I'm trying to do. "

If he played at Waasland, he starts to prepare. "Today I can say that I grew up, I corrected my mistakes," he says with a smile.

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This is the goal of Vanhaezebrouck's plan: "We are preparing ourselves for Anderlecht to become a starter, it has qualities, it has become stronger in the duel. Players are not appropriate, they get more options."

Indeed, given the complex state of Adrien Trebel and the damage to Sven Kuma, samba could get its chance in weeks and even in the coming days. "Yes, this is a great opportunity for me, I'm ready, but the coach has a lot of choice," says a 19-year-old member.

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