Rail delays: "exceptional disturbances," according to infrared


On Friday morning, traffic on the railroad was disrupted because of frost present on the Cadenaries of the L2 line between Levuan and Liégémins, and the L 161 between Otignies and Bruce Midi.

W.On Friday morning, at the beginning of the service, two trains found themselves blocked at Rixensart for Namur. The setbacks have " A snowball effect, upstream trains began to stumble, with an average delay of half an hour and one hour in both directions "Says Frederick Sacre, spokesperson for infrared." Some trains are more sensitive to electrical disturbances. It happens that this is the trains that passed first thing in the morning. These problems are due to both an exciting frost phenomenon for the lines and the jamming of sensitive trains. ", Specifies the spokesperson.

► Trouble railing on Friday morning: up to an hour late

In some regions of Belgium, preventative measures are taken to avoid this type of problem. Locomotives equipped with scrapers open the service to remove the Hoarflower which was accumulated during the night at Karenaries. With the regular passage of the trains, the frost is not reinstalled and the disturbances are avoided.

Isolated cases

Infrared is rather reassuring and speaks for the moment of isolated cases. The presence of frost on the lines is very rare. " Preventive measures are taken on certain lines depending on the weather forecast, especially in the province of Luxembourg, but they are rarely necessary on line 161. The network is too large, which is why we prefer some areas at higher risk "Says Frederick Sacre.

A conference is scheduled for the coming days within the infrared to prevent this type of drawback from happening again when temperatures are set to pass into the negative for several days. " Lessons will be learned from the delays and we will be even more attentive "Reassures the spokesperson of Infrared.

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