On Wall Street, Uber's big party tarnished by disappointing debut



Dozens of international media cameras, many onlookers and employees attending the biggest IP of the year did not stop. There. Giant Uber took a disappointing first step on Friday.

The faces of Uber employees and investors as smiles on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange have steadily stagnated as lower-level on-site screens. Expected opening, a formula calculated according to the appetite of investors for the title.

The title is finally closed Friday on a 7.62% discount to US $ 41.57, well below the opening price that puts the group at $ 45 on the day before. But he started trading at $ 42.

The opening price, which reflects low demand as expected, has been considered modest. At the beginning of the listing of the name uber around 15h 50 GMT, Xlo said it was just over two hours ago, far away from the bracket.

In this season, optimism and good spirits are there the Rigueur, Uber and the NYSE has put the dishes at the top to celebrate the biggest year of the year.

Mr. Khosrovshahi symbolized the session by ringing the traditional bell of the stock exchange on a handcuffed den.

Banks and brokers conducting operations then began their rate stabilization work. First posted above $ 45, the title has gradually declined before all operators agree on the price of $ 42.

Friday morning, the Wall Street, in the heart of New York's Financial District, in the south of Manhattan, left for a chance of a big white flag on a black background, the colors of the company have been founded there ten years in San Francisco.

In front of the very old building, two trucks stamped "Uber Eats", the meal delivery service of Uber, has been installed on a false green lawn.

"It is a great day for Uber and of course a New York Stock Exchange day," said Spartan Capital chief economist Peter Cardillo, who was going to walk the aisles of the New York Stock Exchange for fifty years.

But despite the camera bloody, the morning's attraction for the curious person has moved the company.

Mr. Khosrovshahi, 49, of Iranian Orient and former BOS of Expidia, has been chairman of Uber's destinations since 2017, replacing the most Malinean co-founder Travis Calanick.

Dark suit on a white tie without a tie and wearing his traditional three-day beard, he first answered the questions of the financial news channel CBBC, which, for the occasion, has relocated his plateau in the street, though slightly elevated to protect from passersby .

He told reporters outside the building after the interview, he said, "the most important thing is that we get back to work and we continue to build" society. Before rushing into the building.

Inside the huge hall housing the few brokers still on the Wall Street floor and media studios, large hanging screens broadcast images from various vehicles used by the company, scooters to cars, trucks and trucks. The helicopter.

Outside, a handful of disgruntled drivers have unfurled a flag calling the company to "stop taking workers' advantage".

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