Obary obarar back in the team "sweeps the word crisis"


Obbi Oulare back in the squad "Sweeps the word crisis" – © VIRGINIE LEFOUR – BELGA

With the fourth straight defeat (2-3 against Gent) for standard, it's just one step to talk about crisis. " The crisis? What a crisis. There is no crisis "Says Obbi Oularé To our microphone after the meeting.

And the injury return player to add: " I think the time is long. Some players have given everything and are tired. They pay it today. It's not an excuse, it's just a bad spiral and it's up to us to get out of it. Because everything is still possible and we must recover. "

After several months of unavailability, the standard will need his striker for the last two games of the season. An oulare of what Michel preaches & nbsp; Homme praised the qualities at the end of the meeting.

" It is true that I worked hard with the staff. It wasn't easy considering the last two seasons I've lived, but we did. And even if there are tensions, there are two matches left. And again, you have to give it all. We will see what will happen. We must take the maximum points and we will do the accounts on May 19 "Concluded Oularé.

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