Ms. Erz is working on yellow volcanic provinces: heavy rainfall expected


The geese of the wind can reach 60 km / h.

TheRoyal Meteorological Institute (MRI) is launching a yellow rain alert from 3am tonight. Four warnings from the provinces are affected by this warning: Lear, Hainut, Namur and Luxembourg. The alert will end Saturday around 21h. Precipitation amounts of 30 L / m² will be possible in some places. This situation may lead to low overflows, especially in the most vulnerable sectors.

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Tonight, a zone of active rainfall will cross our country, especially the southern half of the country. In the second part of the night, reigns can be abundant and continuous on the southeast and even on the center of the country. A storm is also possible in gauge. The minima will be between 6 and 9 degrees.

Thunder, Frost, Rain …

Saturday morningThunderclaps will be possible especially in the extreme south of the country. Dirty rains can still occur in the south-east of the country. Thunderstorms then return from the West but a slight risk of rainfall remains. The improvement comes at dawn in the coastal area but won't arrive until evening in the Ardennes. The Maxima are between 8 degrees in the highlands of the east and 15 or 16 degrees in the Flanders.

The night will be cool with temperatures that will go down between 0 degrees in high fence and 7 degrees from the sea. Earth freezing is likely to be in the east of the country.

SundayAn anti-cyclone on British Isles will guarantee a generally dry weather. We expect some taniness but also some cloudy periods. The Maxima will be between 10 degrees in high fence and 15 degrees in Kempen.

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