More than two new cases of HIV have been detected on a daily basis


(Belga) In 2017, 890 people have learned about the virus infection virus viruses (VIH), including 2,4 nouveau diagnostics per day on average, Indian monthly sentence in its annual report. The number of infections diagnosed decreased by 2% compared to 2016 and 27.5% compared with 2012.

The human rights of the human rights organizations (HSH) and the people of the suburbs of Africa, the two types of "risk", reflects the plague of infestations in 2017. The decrease in the number of new cases is determined in the two catégories. The probable contamination mode is known for 71% of the new diagnostics of 2017. The HSH represents 49% of the new infections and transmission by contact with heterosexual 48%. At that time, the people in the provincial support of the African subsidiary (49%). Only 1% of diagnostics in 2017 include transmission of intravenous use drugs. For the most part, the screening tests have been effected in 2017 (-2%). The proportion of new diagnostics confirmed was 1.25 per 1,000 real-world tests. In addition, 36% of the infections have been diagnosed tardively. The number of people medically follows for HIV infection increases regularly, 687 patients in excess of about a year. In 2017, this resulted in 16,070 people. Parmi cells have been treated in the heart attack centers, 99% are receiving an antiretroviral tract with a high-risk virgin value, Sciensano's poison. In addition, 97% of these patients have been charged with a viral load (quantity of virus in the sang) controlled. An indirect virus is also unmatchable, removes the Platform Prevention as in a communiqué. "A person who has his or her own status and who has never been able to transmit HIV." In 2017, 18,908 people lived with the virus, or 1.7 individuals infected for 1,000 habitants. Parmi elles, 2,059 are not yet diagnosed, estimated Sciensano. These are the main causes, most importantly, infect other people without knowing, using the Plateforme. HIV is a sexually transmitted infection that is responsible for the immune deficiency syndrome. In this case, the virus affects the system of immune systems and is vulnerable to multiply infections opportunists. In 2017, 56 diagnostics of these have been previously reported, which has totaled between 1981 and 2017 to 5.084. From the beginning of the epidemic and until 31st of December 2017, 30.778 people have been diagnosed with HIV. (Belga)

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