Michel Cymes asks for the dismissal of Gilles Verdez, Cyril Hanouna answers him personally


Tired of the constant criticism of the chroniclers Cyril Hanoune, Michel Cymes stepped on the record by sending a letter from his lawyer to the bosses C8 asking for the dismissal of Gilles Verdez. Baba wanted to answer him personally.

We started losing with the many clashes between Cyril Hanoun and other PAF personalities. According to TF1, Michel Cymes personally attacked him. Already in 2016, the mayonnaise began to rise for him and already expressed his opinion TPMP and especially Gilles Verdez on France 5: "We have not heard about this guy because he has made me feel bad and does not enjoy me.[…] I am most worried that the C8 is part of the Canal Group and has such chronic snipers that permanently kill people […]It does not seem worth it.

He wants Gilles Verdez's dismissal

This time he decided to get into the business. He asked his lawyer to send a letter to C8 heads after another slip. Remember, last October, TPMP columnists – who were accustomed to commenting on TV shows – said they found the program Adventures of medicine, presented by Michel Cymes, the "toucher". "It seems unbearable for me to see the witnesses of the Govinds who have entrusted us, because we agreed to reveal themselves before the cameras, attack ", responds to the main issue. And Michel Cymes went on: he asked for the dismissal of Gilles Verdez after Tu.

Cyril Hanouna supports his chronicle

Cyril Hanouna wanted to answer in person: "If Gilles Verdez leaves, I will go with him … I do not know to leave Gilles Verdez, that's his job. The leaders of Canal did not listen to Michel Cymes'. Before you calm your columnist on his freedom of expression : "Gilles, you will always have the freedom to say what you want, you have programs that you like, you have programs that you like less. And Michel, there are many people here who love you here, many people who love their programs, so you have to stop. "

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