Hazardous Stage in Flinders: A Bus Moves Its Way Between the Closed Gates of a Train



A bus rented by the SNCB has a very dangerous behavior this Thursday by crossing the closed gates of a crossing.

As you can see in the illustrations by a commuter present in the vehicle and relayed by RTL, the bus crossed the crossing when the light was red and the barriers lowered. A pedestrian even helped him ride by raising the barriers in his hand.

According to the passenger who selected the scene, SNCB was offered a bus to provide the link between Lokeren and Saint-Nicolas. Indeed, since Thursday, May 9, due to the Belsele freight train derailment, trains have been completely interrupted between the two cities, the railway company said. So that meant that the bus could go safely? Well no, since a repair train could have arrived at any time!

An offense that could cost life

When asked about this, the SNCB said by its spokesman that this kind of nature "puts life in danger while our priority is security". She promised an appropriate response if it were to be a hired bus.

If the bus has successfully broken the obstacle safely, this is a nature that should not be repeated since it has been living in the past. As a reminder, the crossing of a level crossing when the gates are moving or closed, when the lights are flashing red or when the accuracy signal is operating, constitutes a 4 degree effect. It is set by a fine range of € 220 to € 2,750 and a deprivation of the right to pass from 8 days to 5 years.


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