Google promises changes to the harassing file


On Thursday, November 8, Google accuses transparency and support for victims who were accused of dealing with cases of sexual harassment, who responded to the anger of thousands of workers who demonstrated last week and inspired the #MeToo movement.

"We have to admit that in the past we did not always do the right things and we are sincerely sorry," wrote Chief Technological Giant Sundar Pichaja in an email sent to employees sent to AFP. "Clearly, we need to make changes," he said, accompanying his message with a series of "more transparency" and "support" measures.

Google promises to regularly report the number of cases of sexual harassment found in the company and the disciplinary measures taken. As far as employees reporting on such measures are concerned, they will better support and monitor the group that has just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The end of the "arbitration clause"

As employees demand, Google will also terminate a compulsory "arbitration clause" requiring employees to resort to some kind of extrajudicial mediation rather than sexual harassment or attempted assault. It will now be "optional". This clause is common in American companies. After the last year's summit, Uber's Umbrella Reservation Group ended up under pressure from a series of scandals. Google is also committed to reinforcing compulsory training for employees on this subject, or, rather, to "deter" from "excessive" alcohol consumption.

Google, which has a contemporary look and "cool", is in turn complicated by the #MeToo torture movement, born after the first accusations against filmmaker Harvey Weinstein last year.

In ten cities and at its headquarters in Mountain View, California, thousands of workers who participated in Google reported last week about stopping the job for cessation of traffic and demand for changes. Some gathered in front of their rooms, some of which had the characters "Time Is Up Tech", which refers to the "Time Up" movement to protect victims of sexual harassment, born after #MeToo.

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While these publications were welcomed, the organizers of the protests on Thursday ("Google Walkout for a Realistic Change") regretted the statement that some of the demands for equality were broadly overlooked, for example, improving the representation of diversity in the governing board. "Society must address systemic racism and discrimination, including the degree of inequality in wages and levels of promotion, not just sexual harassment," they add, calling for a "truly just culture" that also promotes ethnic minorities.

"Google Culture"?

NGO "Project Include", which promotes diversity in "techu" and is very active in harassment and equality issues, has also called on Google to expand its work through this topic. "When will you attack Google culture?", The organization wrote on Twitter.

The transition to Thursday was based on an article from New York TimesThe magazine said that the company covered cases of sexual harassment involving senior officials in recent years, including Andy Rubin, Android mobile operator, who left the group with a $ 90 million compensation in 2014. Rubin denied these allegations.

According to this article, Sundar Pichai sent employees an e-mail message that 48 workers, including 13 high-ranking officials, were left in error for sexual harassment during the past two years without any errors. But a few days later, the group announced the departure of a new high-ranking official, Rich DeVaul. Among the leading executives, Google was protected, while the group knew they were accused of harassment, according to a report in New York.

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Even before the #MeToo Global Movement, women such as Ellen Pao, co-founder of the Include project or Susan Fowler, an engineer in Uberburge, have been accusing the sexism and harassment culture that was widespread in "techu" mostly male and mostly white.

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