Fuel shortage in each province, Hainaut remains the most affected!

Oliver Neirinck, spokesman for Brokco (Belgian Federation of Traders in Fuels and Fuels) has changed dramatically Tuesday. He played so far, repeating in the loop that the yellow vests leave completely block the supply of service stations, now recognizes that the situation is "serious and disturbing". It should be said that between Monday and Tuesday, the situation is subtly degenerated, among others, a tank truck burned in Felix, while it is filled with diesel. "I also learned that in the wandre, 8 tankers who passed the dams with the license to fill, are vandalized, they are cut off from the tire pipettes, but more importantly, there are screens in brake cables and electrical pipes on the tracks!"

►► The pesticidal exercise of yellow vesters is more and more muscular
: "If the" vests "block the general reserve, we will send the army!"

The point by province: Hainaut remains the most affected

It was in the province, especially between Charleroi and La Louvière, that the situation was most crucial on Tuesday night. In the Cora de Chatelineau pumps, half of the pumps are empty. This was also the case for the Totalfina pump at the bottom of Paul Pastor Avenue in Charleroi. In the area of ​​Felix, the drivers stalled did not want to ensure their deals. On the side of Mons and Volonia Picardy, it is not informed of a situation of shortage.

With a few exceptions, most pumps are replenished in the day. Diesel shortages are indicated in dioxide in the two total pumps. In Liëzh, the lack is no longer appropriate: the dams have already risen.

The total station "La Router" in Noirefontaine is in short supply. Critical situation in Virton.

The circulating pumps and live-to-mousse are idle. Critical situation in Sinai, Dinant and Beauraing.

Brussels and Wolin Brabant:
Quiet situation.

►► Breadco is more and more worried: "
Hainaut is very imposed, but the area of ​​†<†<Lische also begins to speak. "

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