Formula 1 | If Alonso can do the test, Vetel will also be at the Racing Point in Abu Dhabi


The test of Fernando Alonso in Renault F1 is not also the side of some drivers like Sebastian Vettel.

Racing Point manager Otmar Szafnauer has clearly criticized the French team for the FIA ​​pass “To drivers who have not raced in F1 by 2020” And he intends to arrange a waiver for Sebastian Vettel, who will be his driver next year when Racing Point becomes Aston Martin F1 team.

This allows the German to discover the RP20 for a day in Abu Dhabi, a one-seater that is the basis of the further developed this winter.

“Frankly, we’ve seen a comedy between the teams for several weeks on this subject.” Vetel comments.

“I’m really surprised to see how this all ended! The teams finally accepted the refusal, and apparently that’s not really the case since Ferrari wants to test Carlos Saints and Racing Point would like to have me in the car.”

“This is a play, a real comedy, with special rules for some people.”

“So I do not know how it will end, but if a test is possible for me with Racing Point, obviously, I would not say no, and this would help me for 2021. There are too few days of winter testing (3 days so 1 and a half per driver) to say no if I can drive. “

Vetel also assured that Ferrari will not block him from taking the test even if his contract expires on December 31.

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