Football: Johan Timmermans, president of Mechelen, announces his resignation


Sector 1B

Johan Timmermans has decided to resign from the chairmanship of the board of directors of Malines, he said on Thursday night that club section 1B was shaken by a scandal of alleged fraud that a month's wildly stirred up in the Belgian football world.

In mid-October, the federal police interviewed Johanna Timmermans on this case. "I see that the very fact that I am the president and that the police took me to audiovisual work brings trouble and lack of serenity," says Timmermans on the club's website. "So I want to move forward because the interests of FC Mechelen, his players and his fans will always prevail in my eyes.

Since 2003, Johan Timmermans has been chairman of "Kavé". "This mandate is with great pride and commitment," he says. "I am sure that my successor will lead a committee with the same energy and dedication. The future of the KV must remain our top priority, and I will continue to support the club I have been supporting for more than 50 years," concludes Johan Timmermans.

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