Cystic fibrosis, a woman succumbed to cancer after receiving the smoker's lungs


His death came shortly after transplantation, according to a study by the Montpellier University doctors.

Overview Lung cancer transmits the results of the study, which draws attention to the risk resulting from the transplantation of patients' smoking organs.

It is based on the case of a woman who was followed by a youth for cystic fibrosis, followed by a deterioration in her breathing ability.

Symptoms that are similar to symptoms of lung cancer

Transplanted in 2017, she died two months later of lung cancer. For two doctors from a Montpellier hospital who carried out this study, "A short delay between lung transplantation and the onset of the first radiological abnormality shows that carcinogenesis began during the life of the donor".

They add it "According to the donor database, the transplanted lungs were taken from a 57-year-old woman who for 30 years claimed smoking a day". In addition, they show that investigations were carried out when the donor died, and nothing was found as abnormal.

It's better to think about the history of smoking

The development of this cancer would also greatly accelerate the immunosuppressive treatment of the transplant recipient in order to avoid rejection of its new lungs.

Dr. Jean-Louis Pujol, co-author of the study, therefore recommends "Transplantation from smokers (or recently arrested) donors should be treated with caution". In that, "Given the relatively long latency of lung cancer".

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