At age 97, Prince Philip "deceived dead"


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More fear than harm. Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, escaped from a road accident in the Royal Estate of Sandringming. However, on Friday, did the British wander, must he continue to lead for 97 years?

The case has risen strongly in emotion in a nation very attached to its crowned heads. Philip did " Deceived death, emphasized Mirror The Telegraph Believing that the Duke of Edinburgh had escaped "Miracle." The accident occurred on Thursday afternoon, Sandrithing, Norfolk (East of England), where Liza and Philippines spend much of the winter. According to these BBC The strong country rover that the prince is driving upset is coming out of the alley of the royal estate to enter a road and colliding with a Kia. Philip I saw a doctor as a precaution and the doctor confirmed that he was not injured "Assured the Buckingham Palace.

A scene from the accident shows the two vehicles on the roadside: The Rover Land lying on its side, windshield exploded, the Kia a few meters further in bushes. " I was driving home when I saw a vehicle, a black country rover (…) made barrels ", Told about this BBC A witness, Roy Warne, 75 years old. " There was a huge collision with the other car »He said he didn't No doubt that she (the Kia, Ed) had already struck By the prince machine. Raw varne also noted in these Son Having heard Philip accuse the police, he was Dazzled by the sun ».

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"Shake" by accident

Some witnesses quoted by the British media said they had helped Philip out of his car. " He was visibly shocking, and he asked if everyone was okay. ", Said Roy Varne. As for the Kia, " There was a baby in the back. With another person we took the baby "He said. Police confirmed the presence of a nine-month-old baby in Kia, saying he was unscathed, while the two women in the vehicle, including a 28-year-old female driver, were hospitalized at a local hospital. Before returning home.

According to law, drivers are subject to alcohol testing, the results of which are shown to be "Negative" Said the police, conducting the investigation, determine the circumstances and responsibilities of the accident. At this point, " It would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the collision », She said in a statement. In a Friday's scheduled for the accident, Norfolk County decided to reduce the speed limit by 60-50 miles / hour (97-80 km / h) on the collision road.

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Still fit to ride?

A character with a boiling temperament, known for his jokes who are not respectfully of the politically correct, Prince Philip retired in August 2017 after more than 22,000 official public engagements since his wife's access to the throne in 1952 While for the past year, the Prince has seen many occasions, often with passengers as heads of state or government, including the Obama couple in 2016.

After his age, there is a "Surprise" To see him continue driving, a royal correspondent noted BBC Jonny Dymond. " But he has always been fairly independent and would have to declare any offer to deny him the right to drive it. ". " Now, there will be an investigation into the circumstances of the accident. The Duke could finally be convinced to drive. "He added.

Philip would give up a passion after driving. He completed his last flight in 1997, after 5,986 flight hours. The UK has more than 100,000 drivers over the age of 90, according to official figures. At the age of 70, the British have their license every three years, but without a new driving test.

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