Alexa Bliss resumes ringing on the ring


Upon the ringing ring of the WWE from October 1st on a ceremony, Alexa Bliss has always been in the process of rehabilitation. At the beginning of November, I started calling a new entrée whose purpose was to concentrate on the health and of the last day that it was back on the ring!

Alexa bliss indie on Twitter that's the first day of the day when he was relinquished on the ring for the surgery of the cerebral turmoil. All ceci has been dropped to the WWE's Florida Performance Center under the observation of a specialist test impact at the WWE, as Bliss is pretending not to pursue its entrainment.

In the current act of the day, not the result of the first test, but the assurance that'Alexa Bliss' is directed towards the good cause. In the meantime, you can always see the lights in RAW in our new role in the feminine division.

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