Alerte à la bombe at Woluwe Shopping Center: le Docks et le Westland Shopping lexement évacués


Already a bomb and a pair of emails.

Les centers commerciaux Woluwe Shopping Center, le Docks Bruxsel (Bruxelles-Capitale) and le Westland Shopping (Anderlecht) besides the sale of the same pair of old bombs, including the port de la police de Bruxelles-Midi ( Anderlecht, Forest et Saint-Gilles, Dorothée Cattrysse, confirmant une information the pluses médias.

This is precisely the case for the Westland Shopping Center d’Anderlecht. You can read the terms and conditions, as long as you read the interviews. The auditor's control is without the effects.

Le Woluwe Shopping Center, located in the commune of Bruxelloise the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, and calls both the évacué, and the freshest 18h la police de Montgomery (Etterbeek, Woluwe-St-Lambert and Woluwe-St-Pierre). These special offers are the only place for the inspector to inspect.

Olivier Slosse, responsible for the Brussels-Ixelles police, confirms that the center of the Docks is used and the contract for the payment of the loan to the operator. You are sure to have a suite of effects between each team member.

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