A new major carole will invest nearly 1.5 billion euros for the development of the city


On Monday morning, the new municipal council unveiled the political guidelines for a future term, relying on an investment pact of almost 1.5 billion euros. The goal is to continue the Charleroi redeployment project, which began six years ago. The only difference compared to the previous course: Ecolo enters for the first time, while the MR is dismissed. "
Over the past six years, we have laid the foundations for the Charleroi redeployment project. But we have always said that it will be necessary for two legislative authorities to compensate for the city. We have resources for our ambitions. With a multi-year plan of 200 million euros, the financing of 200 million third-party investors and just over a billion of subsidies that we have gained over the last period, we will inject almost 1.5 billion euros in all sectors, while continuing to generate external support for continuing work
"Summers Paul Magnette.

►► The new school has identified the priorities of its project
"Education and training are key issues."

►► Charleroi wants to become a pilot place in terms of ecological transition. "Carolos want to be part of this transition."

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