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9 new indigenous dungeon cases in Mayotte


Aedes Albopictus carries Denge and Chickunia
(Photo credits: ARS OI)

"The flow of dengue heat continues to intensify in Mayotte, last week, from July 15-21, with 9 new indigenous cases of dungeon fever reported in the department, mostly in Mamoudzou neighborhoods, due to high epidemic risk, the joint mobilization of all The actors and the population are needed: The health authorities call the Mahoris to keep their vigilance and participate actively in the fight against mosquitoes by applying preventive measures: Eliminate the water containers around his home, protecting himself from mosquito Items and consult his physician if necessary. Symptoms of the disease.

Epidemiological situation from July 23, 2019

Since the beginning of 2019, 65 denag cases have been reported in the territory of which only 8 cases have been imported. In some communes of the island, several isolated cases have occurred, but the majority of Reported cases are grouped into Mamaudou neighborhoods: Mappa, Tsapere, Doujani and Cavani.

In order to reinforce mobilization to limit the risks of evolution to an epidemic situation, the ARS Indian Ocean was triggered on July 2, 2019, level 2 by design of the Arboviruses (2A = Moderate Indigenous Viral Circulation: Appearance of One or more clusters of cases or sporadic cases).

The services of the vector control of the ARS OI intervened systematically and reactively in the districts where reported cases were domiciled, in order:

– eliminate breeding sites,

– To perform insecticide treatments around homes

– to look for other cases in the family circle and neighborhood.

The dry season is a factor that can now limit the progression of the disease due to the lower density of the mosquito vectors, but preventive measures to protect themselves remain essential.

In case of symptoms consult your doctor immediately!

If symptoms appear (high fever, headache, muscle and / or joint pain, feeling very tired), it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately and continue to protect themselves against mosquito bites to avoid transmitting the disease to those around him.

The ARS Dengue Prevention Campaign

The consultation will confirm the diagnosis of dengue heat or direct research into other pathologies.

In case of suspicion of Dengue heat, general practitioners have the following tasks:

  • Prescribe examinations to confirm the disease,
  • Prescribe a treatment adapted to each patient and indicate him the recommendations to follow.
  • Identify and ensure regular risk patients, likely to develop serious forms of disease,
  • Report new cases of dengue fever to the ARS OI.

A quick release allows the ARS OI vector control officers to identify the circulation zones of the virus in real time and to intervene as quickly as possible in order to limit mosquito proliferation

As a reminder: if the mosquito bites a sick person, it becomes a contaminant and can transfer the disease to a healthy person. Because of this, people suffering from dysfunctional fever should be especially protected against mosquito bites.

Reminder of the recommendations to the population

Fighting against mosquitoes is also:

  • Protect yourself from mosquito bites

The most effective way to protect yourself from mosquito bites is to apply skin repellants and use mosquito nets for babies and bed-ridden people. Denga mosquito is active throughout the day, especially in the morning and evening.

  • Eliminate stagnant water

Mosquitoes multiply by laying their eggs in containers and objects with water. To fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes, it is necessary to suppress breathing places or leave them every week. "

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