The heat will increase more nationally


The requirement of a statement on the affected area is a drought

Heat flows around the country. Not only men, but in a very bad way, the zoological animal. Thirsty birds try to seek a little water yesterday, the national press club area in the capital – Samson Hader King

After the Cyclone & # 39; Fox & # 39; Gone, now the bay of Bengal is sterile, calm and calm. The sky is also overcast. Excessive water vapor in the air. The sun is pouring dry liquid into the dinner can not be seen in the afternoon. The tunnels contain the sun Rudra image. Fire in the air. People and Fiuna are fun in the summer. Unhealthy environment. The rapadara water becomes thirsty thirsty. Dabdah was on the country. The Meteorological Department said there was no possibility of reducing heat until it rains. The heat sparks can increase further. It can continue for two or three days.

The meteorologist, ACM Nazmul, told iTefak on Monday night that many areas of the country may have been raining since Monday. There is no possibility of reducing heat flow if there is no rain. April-May summer season But this year's temperatures are more than usual. Rajshaii recorded a temperature of 1 degree Celsius above the standard. The highest temperature in the country is recorded at 39.5 degrees Celsius. And in Dhaka yesterday, the average temperature is 0.6 Celsius above average. Because in the last 30 years, from April to May this year, the record was breaking down as normal temperatures. The temperature in Dhaka was 36.2

Meteorologists say there is no rain after the & # 39; Pony & # 39; Go away due to intense heat. The day has increased. Water vapor grew in the air. As the water vapor increases, heating discomfort increases.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department of Bangladesh is likely to face another downhill in the bay of Bengal this month after the cyclonic storm. The cyclone can be caused by the Bay of Bengal between June 26 and June 3. It's called & # 39; wind & # 39;. But this & # 39; wind & # 39; Is not yet active.

In the long-term forecast of the current weather conditions in the month, it is said that in the North and North West of the month, a severe heat wave (above 40 degrees Celsius) and elsewhere between 1-2 minimum heat waves (36 -38 degrees Celsius) or moderate heat wave (38-40 degrees Celsius) may go. At the same time, in the middle of the country, from mid-day to mid-day / noon, morning and 3-4 days in the country, there may be light / moderate Sunday. Heaven may also be at this time.

The Rajshahi Defense Movement Council was required to declare Rajshahi area as a drought prone area. At the same time, the leader of the organization demanded the implementation of the northern Razhzhahi Irrigation Project and the Ganges Barrage to stop the water crisis in Padma. On Thursday morning, the council leader met the deputy commissioner and demanded the demands. Among other things, the president of the party Liaquat Ali, General Secretary Jamat Khan was also present.

The leaders have said in recent times that severe heat is flowing over Rajshai; This is a clear sign of drought prone area. The water level is declining and the area is not able to live quickly as a result of not using ground water. In such a situation, it is necessary to identify the area as a drought prone area.

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