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Supporters in the Brazilian game –


In Sao Paulo's Morumbi Stadium, Bangladesh hit Brazil by 3-0 in the penalty shootout on Saturday morning. The other scorer is Everton.

Target gets three Brazilians in the second half. In the first half, the disciples of the Theater did not know about the game. Thirty-four thousand 342 spectacular did not fill the stadium full. And fans of mind-boggling favorites from the favorite team players are so damp to hear it.

The coach admits, his players belong to the duo. It's not realistic to expect support from supporters in the team's good game.

"We felt. The youth of the party felt it. I felt."

"When you play in a big team, when you can't show anything in a while, the supporters will realize it's not right to expect you to give up when you return the ball, from the back to the main defender. "The goalkeeper, the first thing you hear, there are two!"

"We need to understand our point. If we rise in attack and create opportunities, they will hit."

The Brazilian big cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro supporters are not. Brazil captain Danny Alves hopes supporters will support the team in the next match against Venezuela in their own province of Bahia.

"This is normal in Sao Paulo. There are many club supporters here, so the game is always complicated."

"Bahia's environment is different. People miss the Brazilian team. Certainly things will be more alive than the ones here."

The match will take place in the Surinamese city of Bahia at 6:30 am on Wednesday.

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