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Shakib Khan finally had the boy's pleasure – Colorslife24


Shakib Khan

Both of them play in the movie, love, then marry. Wedding is kept secret in the interest of career, but in the end technique is a world of happiness. The picture heroines Apu Bisvas and Shakib Khan are now different. Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas are married on April 7, but last April, the issue came to light. He appeared on a private TV with children.

After the incident, the only child of the two, Abraham Khan, saw them meeting around joy. This year, Abraham was admitted to preschool. On the occasion, Shakib and APU have to go to school. In this day, Shakib Khan, the son of Abraham and Apu, saw the same design.

The three men were dressed in a design made by Apu Biswas. Previously, APU asked to wear the same clothes to Shakib Khan.


Shakib kept the request. In this regard, APU Biswas told the media that an event was organized in a happy school. I told Jay's father, "Come, we wear the same dress at the opportunity." Wearing the same clothes is good.

Jay's father said it's okay. The idea is beautiful. In the win class, there were 20 students, all dressed together with the child. Shakib wear the same design as my words. It was a joy to win. & # 39;

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