Serious rate of youth in Sri Lanka


Sports journalist: In the first four races, rains gave rain. Of these two did not occur. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka boys won the match As a result, the series decided on the final of the Youth ODI series.

However, the last game was not saved from rain. Young from Sri Lanka, where Bangladesh under 19 teams lost 19 matches in the Duckworth-Lewis method

Sri Lankan team under 19 teams won a series of five matches 2-1. Before that, the series with two tests ended 1-1 at the end.

Sri Lanka, having fired Katunayetta on Friday, has reached 205 matches for 7 balls in 50 crossings in 50 bypasses. The open game Kamil Mishra scored 83 with 83 places. Someone could not cross thirty.

The best bowler in Bangladesh Sajid Hossain pulled two runs in two races for 39 runs in 10 minutes. Shariful Islam and Touhid took the heart one ball.

The beginning of Bangladesh at the beginning of the target was not good. Tanzid Hassan came out of the team for seven games. Mahmoud Hasan Joy and Parvez Hossain Imon tried to resist a pair of 32 matches for the second ball. But again they lose a couple, the tourists lost their way.

Bangladesh lost 39 runs in 50 runs, 11 runs, Mahmudul (21), Parvez (16) and Captain's Heart. 50 not from 4 cards

Rain in the 20th day in Bangladesh. Once again, when the game started, the new target of Bangladesh was 184 in 37. But the game was not possible due to rain in one-and-a-half and there was no play on the rain.

The result was 80 for 4 in 21 circuit. Shamim Hossain 15 and Akbar Ali were undecided for 14 years. Ashyan Daniel from Sri Lanka has 2 tokens

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