“Sacred Love” & # 39; Mahi will be released


Showbiz Desk: The New Picture of Mahia Mahi 'Holy Love' will be released all over the country on October 5th. The producer and hero of Rokan's film confirmed the information. The producer said that in the meantime, 25 films were finalized for release of the film. First, he plans to release movie theaters of the country's first ever film. In addition to Mahia Mahi, the film is directed by Sohel, in addition to director Ferdous and director Moushumi. For the first time in the same movie, these three stars will be seen. Ferdous played the role of Moushumi Lover and Mahir Big Brother in the film. Ferdous will be a Muslim leader in the history of the film. And the religious leaders of the seasonal Hindus. In the history of the film, Mayaid (Mousumi) is the leader of the Hindu society's panchayat. Didar Pasha (Ferdous) is the leader of the panchayat of Muslim society. Both love it deeply. But imprisoned by two religious teachings, solid walls, and rules of social rule. Both did not recognize their deep love for maintaining religious dignity and social dignity. On the other hand, the youngest brother of goddess Pasha, Rozie (Mahi), loves Rahul's younger brother. The controversial conflict between love and love of Hindus and Muslims panchayats, this is not a religious conflict, but the contradiction of sacred love is the painting of such contradictory stories of human love. The story of photography, scenario, dialogue is run by AK Sohail. Music Emon Saha Ekramul Haque. Many other actors, including Sujon, Rebecca, Afzal Sharif, Ilias Kobras, have also played in the film.

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