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    Raj -ShubHashree Float in the Sky!

Online Desk. Hot India is now hot in voting and at the end of the holiday to spend the night in Dubai Raj Raj Chakraborty and Shubhashree Ganguly This couple is spending time in their own way.

In the social media, there is little evidence that the holidays are spent on their big trick This couple has recently shared a video in social media; Where they are seen flowing in the sky, jump from the plane.

However, all the preparations are made to jump. Couple to go to Dubai to sky-diving. After sharing that video with social media, it is now Viral.

Shubhashree says the desire of Sky Diving was from her childhood. Finally it is filled.

In the middle of last year, Shubhashri linked with director Raj Chakraborty. After that, they are trying to get married. Subhashree came back to the floor with the help of Raj's Parannita shooting. Days before, they were busy shooting this photo.

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