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Parino Mitra died in shooting!


Entertainment News Perno Mita went to Kalimmong with Retica Chakravarty. They got it in a bungalow. Parina Mitra died in this bathroom's bathroom. What you think? Not true facts. The whole story is only part of this scripture.

Haranath Chakraborty is organizing new horror images. Rich chakraborty and Perno Mitra are active in this film. There are also ranit malic. According to the script, retica will be seen in the role of the famous screenwriter. Perno is playing the role of his wife. Requests want to write screenplay in a quiet place. That's what go to Kalimpong. But in the bungalow they came, it is known that the mind of the bungalow, although the priest does not trust the island, parno is afraid of horror. And that's what died.

Police Super Radian Mitra, who investigates the deaths of Parnor, Ranjit Malik is acting in this role. The story starts from here, there are many twists Haran's claim, to go to Clawmax, the whole story will turn around. Shooting from the movie on Saturday. Dialogue writes Padmanabh Dasgupta

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