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Bangladesh lost eight runs on eight runs on Wednesday in Guyana, Pakistan. The diving was retained by Pakistan at 106th place. But Bangladesh reached 98 points over 98.

In the last five transfers, Bangladesh needed 45 runs. 6 men in their hands But in that time, they lost one pad and the border did not come into one.

Bangladesh beat Bangladesh 3-0 in the T20 series last month.

After winning the target, Misbah Maruf scored 22 runs in the middle order for Pakistan, Misbah Maruf Kapitan Zaveria Khan reached 21 and reached 15 matches in 15 balls. In the end, Nida Dar made 19 matches in 16 balls to score 100 points.

Two resistant players Salma and Khadiza Kumbra are two in chips in Bangladesh. Rumena Ahmed, who had a lot of bowling in the previous game, picked up 1 token a day.

Bangladesh regularly lost tickets. At first, Ayesha Rahman's responsibility for speeding was pulled by two borders. Jinnah Alam 2 trips with three promotions as a pinch heater.

Farzana Haque grabbed one end in the middle. But nobody else could help. Farzana reached 28, did not make 10 runs, and nobody else could. Bangladesh could not touch 100.

The final stage of Bangladesh's final match with this match. In the first World Cup competition, the female opponent of Bangladesh West Indies, the game starts in Guyana on Saturday morning in Bangladesh.

Short result:

Pakistan: 20 over 106/10 (Bismah 22, Javieria 21, Nida 19, Ajax 18, Jahanara 4-0-17-0, Salma 4-0-19-2, Kubra 4-0-18-2, Rumana 4- 0-20-1, Lata 2-0-11-0, Fahima 2-0-12-1,).

Bangladesh: 98/9 in 20 rebounds (Shamima 9, Ayesha 8, Jahanara 2, Farzana 28, Nigar 3, Rumana 10, Sanjida 4, Fahima 2, Lata 10, Salma 9, Bismah 2/12, Ayman 2/13, Sana 2/14, ANAM 1/8).

Result: Pakistan has won 8 games

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