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Guests with James Celeb award winners. Photo: Kaler Kantha

On the second day of the current Dhaka Lit Festa, on Friday, the Bengali Academy of the Day was a cheerful gathering center for many people. People from different classes came from the morning to the holidays. They participate in various meetings of the day. More than 30 sessions appeared in the context of industry, literature, politics and society. Especially the story of a woman who goes ahead.

Now, at the highlighted festival, two issues are important. One of them is the right and the freedom of women. On the first day of the festival, words are spoken for free thinking and openness. On the morning of the second day, various sessions on the issue of women's freedom and rights emerged in the morning. It turned out that the movement of social media at the present time is also the #mitu. In any case, the message of women appeared several times. Meanwhile, two Bollywood actresses Manish Koirala and Nandita Das talked about the position of women in films and society.

The festival of the second day was the festival of Bollywood actress Manish Koirala and Nandita Das. At the beginning of the day, this meeting was held in the title "Breaking Bad" at the Auditorium of the Abdul Karim Sahityabishad Bangla Academy. Nowf Sa'Shan, one of the festival directors, was made.

Manisha Koirala said she still can not imagine a woman as a director. In less than 20 percent of film industry women work for the camera. And this is not just about film management, but in almost all cases. In all cases, women must first become convinced of the rights of women.

Nandita Das discusses the issue of racism against women. She said that no girl in black had any blessings. This is the same in the 21st century. She called himself a "black girl", she said: "Relatives always say, do not go out, use creamy cream, you have to be honest. But they must understand that the girl is born in black, there is nothing to do here."

The afternoon session came within the #Mitu movement. Journalists Munni Saha, Jaima Islam, actress Banya Mirza and social worker Rita Das Roy discussed the meeting, entitled "Bengali society and woman in the time of Myth".

The speakers said: "This movement is not limited to writing through social media; a woman must have the mentality and courage to continue with this protest. In everyday life, not just women, many boys and children are also victims of sexual oppression. So, #mitu are not just women, but men must also be a movement.

YouTube Raba Khan participated in the "Women and Wit" session. He was accompanied by Fariha Paanchi. Raba Khan said: "Many do not understand the differences between juice and shimmer. Women around the world, as well as women, create space as comedians. It's because of the sense of humor. However, this humor is not well accepted in our country.

On the second day of the Kirtan festival "Lok Sanggit" in Rajarhat in Kurigram, a special meeting for children was also held. A session titled "SuperDogs" was intended for children aged seven to 11 years. Fatema-Tuj-Joha reads three children's stories about "animal birds". The drama "The Last Tree" was adapted to the children's drama. An extra-curtain clock was organized in the square. Sarin Hossain and Sakia Chowdhury participated in Operation Rifat Islam Isha. Rasheed Harun was also a number of "dolls".

Previously, Mahbub Azeez, director Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, researcher Simon Zakaria and poet Altaf Shahnawaz participated in the debate under the title "Drama Drama, TV Drama and Screenplay". Actress Banya Mirza is performing. Pulitzer Winner American literary Adam Johnson collaborated with Kelly Falcone at a session called "FearSam Futures". Later, Vice-President of the University of Rabindran University, Professor Biswajit Ghosh, attended a discussion on the history of Bangla literature: the crisis and transition, Professor Bangabandhua and the literary department of the University of North Bengal. Nikhil Rai and poet and Professor Suman Gun This episode is led by Professor Mohammad Muhsin from Barisal University. In addition, a session was held yesterday entitled "Joy of Reading". Ahsan Habib and Bushra Zulfikar participated in a conversation with Maimuni Ahmad

Kabi Kamal Chowdhury and Rupert Dastur read their essays in open spaces at 11:00 in the morning. Sabrina Fatema Ahmed performed this episode. The Novara exhibition was a discussion of the first book. Orga Sanal in the first book entitled "The First Books: Where Do They Come From?", She Talks About Olga Gargasnoyama, Himanti Shankar and Chandrasi Chaudhary.

At the session titled "I appreciate culture" in the poem seminar Shamsur Rahman at 12.15 pm, Annie Zaidi, Jayashree Mishra and Himangal Shankar participated in the debate on Sami Khatun. The cosmic tent was attended by Katrina Dawn, Amit Ashraf, Kazi Istola Imam and Farah Khandaker, who led the title "Laundry Washing Machine", which was run by Nisam Jan Sayid.

At 2 pm Abdul Karim read the first and final human titles by Tisa Swinton, who won the Oscar in the Auditorium of Sahitya Bisarad. James Mick was involved in editing "Great Beatral" by Ed Coming at the poetry seminar Shamsur Rahiman. Chris Hayser and Rupert Dustura attended the court hearing of Courtney Hodel at a public hearing in the title "Short presentation". "Amazing Maidens" was at the show by Salli Pommy Kleighton. Cosmic Trent talked about the mathematical olympics. Munir Hassan attended the gold medal on the World Mathematical Olympiad, Ahmed Jawad Chowdhury, Mahbubul Alam Majumder and father Shuvah Nawar.

The afternoon fair was held at the Poet Shamsur Rahman Seminar entitled "Library of Bangladesh" at 15.00. Rifat Munim Kaiser Haque entered the game, Khademul Islam and QP Alam attended the discussion. In the open yard, arranged for telling the story. Christian Hodel, Chris Hayser and Ross Pattar participated in the Ed Coming episode.

At 16.30 in the poem seminar Shamsur Rahaman, the debate on the "Secret History" of the killing of Khademul Islam, Philip Hynes. Sandra Kopp presented the play "Tree of Life" in Novara. The cosmic tent was named "Elias" by the name Akhtaruzzaman Ilyas. It is performed by Musahat Hussain. The discussion was attended by Kalekuzaman Ilias, Imdadul Haque Milon, Prashant Mridha and Sarvajanit Dasgupta. Nazrul Manch was praised in North Bengal's "Cushion". At 6 pm, Abdul Karim is present at the Auditorium of Sahity Bisarad at the "Changes of the Eyes" session. Nabnita Chowdhury performs on this occasion. Khaleda Shahriar Kabir, Saeba Akhtar, Namita Haldar and Kanglini Sufia took part in the discussion. The meeting was titled "The Bangladeshi Paradox" at Shamsur Rahman's Poems Seminar. Former guardian government consultant Hossain Zillur Rahman leads him. The discussion was prepared by Binayak Sen, Wahiduddin Mahmud and KAS Murshid. I saw the face of poetry in the open court "Bengali face". Farid Kabir is conducting an episode. The films show "Bidadabuban" in the showcases of Navarrah. Nadim Iqbal and Sheikh Al Mamun Sessions discussed the Cosmic Tent "Stars, Stories and Strategy" tentative discussion. Christan Hodel talks about Rupert Huxley's performance. Under the direction of Prahar Ripon at the Nazrul stage, the duo of poems and poetry is presented in the New Sonar Bangla Circus. The second meeting begins at 6 pm. Prime theater consultant dr. Abdul Karim. Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury discusses the success of Haath Saif in his book "Charot of Life".

James Lecture Award: In the meantime, she received the Gemman 2013 Literary Prize, the glory of Rahat Mridha and James won the Young Fiction Award Hameem Kamal and James received the Young Poetry Award in the Hasan Nayeem category

The prize was yesterday at the Academy of Bangla Academy Abdul Karim Sahityabisarad at Dhaka Lit Fest. Gemini's director Kazi Nabil Ahmed presented awards to the award winners. Members of the Jury Committee, Chairman of the Commission for Work in Bangladesh, poet Mohamed Sadiq, Vice President of Rabindra Bharati University, Professor Biswajit Ghosh and Asad Chowdhury.

Prashant Mridha received eight lakh Rupees, Reefs and Honor for the novel Dugdugiar Asr. At the same time, the manuscripts of Hamid Kamal in his short story "Sonal Bane" and Hasan Nayeem received money for one lakh of taks and ridges and honor for their manuscript "Dil Ailam Haat".

In a keynote speech, Kazi Nabil Ahmed said: "For the Literary Writers' Literacy Award, Bangla is awarded the James Cine Award, which will encourage creative writers to believe.

Prashant Mridha said: "Every prize is a matter of happiness. Everyone who has already received this prize is now appreciated in Bengali literature. I am very happy to give them a prize.

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