In Narsingdie, the son of the infected drug was murdered by his father across the country


In Narsingdi, the son of a drug, hooked up with his son

Karam Mia, 55, the father of Narsingdi's son-in-law, was murdered. This incident took place in the Chawla district of Narsingdi on Friday around 8.30. Karim Mia was a grocery store. The son of drug addict, Mamun, escaped after the incident.

Police and local sources said that on Friday morning Mamun was threatening Mamun with his mother when his father threatened Mamunu. Mamun became angry with his father, with an iron rod that crashed. At one stage, he died on the spot. Then Mamun escaped from nearby people.

Police station Narsingdi Sadar OC Salahuddin said that the body was sent to the Narsingdi Sadar morgue for the autopsy. A police operation to arrest Mamun

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