Imran H Sarkar, standing in the election

Ganajagaran Mancha said the spokesman. Imran H. Sarker expressed his interest in participating in the 11th parliamentary elections in Kurigram-4 district. It is known from sources that are close to Imran.

Imran H Sarkar made this decision in the interest of the fate of the people in Chilmara, Rajibpur and Roumari, and it is also known that he will soon inform the official message.

But for which side will the election be? He responded to such a question to the media that he wanted people to choose in this area. The family also has support. But he still did not make a final decision. And if I choose, I will choose as an independent candidate.

The former elected representatives did not play any role in changing the fate of people from the Kurigram-4 district of Brahmaputra, which means that people are worried by people in that area. That's why I thought I was going to the polls. I want to be close to everyone. Security Status

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