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DMP begins collecting information on citizens & # 39;


Citizens Information Collection Week 2019 will be organized into 302 bands of 50 Thana from DMP together with citizen information collected and updated June 15-21.

Dhaka police commission called the police to provide their own information in this program. Acidic acid

At the Inauguration Ceremony of Citizen Information Collection Week 2019 & # 39; At DMP Media Center on Saturday morning, he said Dhaka metropolitan police officially started collecting citizens information since 2016.

"Our Citizens Information Management System (CMS) is already protected by 63 million people in 22 million households."

According to Siam data, the number of homeowners in Dhaka by June 13 this year is two thousand 41,000 507, tenants 18 20,000 94 people, members of the masses 1 21,000 40, others 1100, family members number 31 66,821 people and drivers and domestic workers 8,83,000 984 people. It has a total of 62 million 34,000 547 people.

On the system, a unique index number is given for each citizen, the police commissioner said, the details of the desired number of citizen information may be known to the system.

Bangladesh's success in the fight against terrorism and extremism was praised by the world. Academician Mia thinks that this success comes as a result of collecting information from landlords and tenants through CIMS software.

Since the Gulshan attack, no one can rent a house without giving proper information in Dhaka.

He said the state had to spend a lot of money to gather information from citizens through the project, "In the shortest possible time, without any amount of state money, the police were working quietly to collect Information from residents. "

He said the CISM software increased the rate of crime detection.

But many people are reluctant to provide information and they want everyone to cooperate in this activity.

During this program, every little official from the area will be led by political, social, professional and public representatives, Community Police delegates, and every citizen of the region will acknowledge that no one is left out to provide citizen information.

If someone dropped, he would have to fill in the information form and give it to the police. After the next seven days, from June 21, the Surveillance Team Random selection, created from the DMP headquarters, will be checked by the various houses to see if their information is collected.

If someone is left out, the information will be collected and added to the CMS software.

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