Come to vote by dissolving differences: CEC


The CEC announced the eleventh parliamentary election schedule in a speech with the state on Thursday in a break-up phase that had no differences in the main political camp since the 10th parliamentary election.

The election day will be held on 23 December after 45 days of the schedule; Candidates can submit candidates by November 19, with the deadline for the withdrawal of candidature is November 29.

In the absence of an impartial government, their political allies, including the GNP, boycotted the 10th parliamentary election in 2014. They have a claim this time.

However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Chairwoman of the Awami Chair Sheikh Hasina sat in the dialogue with the Forum of National Unity, which was established at the meeting.

The release of the chairman of the BNP Khaled Zhi, the EC reactor, the reconstitution of the EC, the breakthrough parliament and the demanding elections in a neutral government. After a two-pronged dialogue with the Prime Minister, there was no compromise, the call for the withdrawal of the agenda with the hope of a further debate was called the united front.

However, due to the EC's constitutional obligations, the planning schedule is announced. According to the Constitution, eleven national elections will take place within 90 days before 28 January 2019.

In a speech on the announcement, CEC said: "We reiterate our call for all political parties to attend the elections. If there is any disagreement or disagreement over any matter between them, this is politically required."

Nurul Huda said that each party behaves as tolerant, respectful and politically friendly to each other.

Due to the constitutional obligations of the schedule schedule
Even before Nariul Huda told all parties
If the election is scheduled for several days from the scheduled time within the prescribed time limit
He can think back.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke to Kamal Hossain, leader of the National Unity Front, in the second round of talks. Photo: PID

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke to Kamal Hossain, leader of the National Unity Front, in the second round of talks. Photo: PID

He expects participatory elections, he said: "We expect competitive and competitive elections with the participation of all political parties. I think that there are irregularities in the presence of the supporters of the candidate in a competitive election. "

Nurul Huda called on political parties to study the issue of violence against the opposition and the boycott of the 10th parliamentary elections.

"We strongly urge a political party to control it if competition and competition never change into revenge or violence."

The inner front is defending its claims that, in the event that the present parliament and the government are in power, the equal opportunities for all will not be guaranteed in the elections.

She assured them that the CEC would say that equal conditions would be provided for the creation of common law and equal opportunities for all. The required circular will be issued shortly. "

He also warned police about the arrest of defendants for arrest and harassment.

"For law enforcement authorities, strict instructions will be provided to ensure that voters, political leaders, workers 'supporters and workers' representatives will not be harassed or not be subjected to justice."

EC meeting at the Awami League meeting

EC meeting at the Awami League meeting

EC meeting with the National Unity Forum

EC meeting with the National Unity Forum

The CEC said that "all minorities, smaller ethnic groups, religions, caste, castes and women will be able to exercise their rights, regardless of their constitutional status." After voting, he can remain safe in his home. "

Former state government official Nurul Huda said that the heat of politics, the interest of people, because the state is now blowing a round of voting seems to be blowing.

He said: "Well-known leaders of the country have merged with the Prime Minister in the dialogue. A meeting in the assembly is in the vote. Many local and foreign organizations expressed interest in monitoring the elections. The favorable outcome of the parliamentary elections was favorable."

In this position, Nurul Huda, the head of the constitutional body that conducted the elections, requested the participation of the compatriots for the implementation of the timetable.

"The hope of the people will be successfully led by free, fair, neutral and acceptable elections with everyone in this place," said his optimistic voice.

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