"Collect funds for your funeral"

Online Desk. British actress Shirley Holler did a different job before she died. When doctors gave him a few months to live, he began to raise funds for his funeral. He collected about seven thousand pounds for his funeral ceremony.

Doctors told him that in October he had only five weeks to survive in his chest after going to the doctor. He then began to raise funds to organize his funeral. For this reason, actress Shirley said that her family lost her brother at the age of 16.

Therefore, parents should not do funeral work for all their children.

He recently released Outy King's movie on Netflix. His hope was that he could see the broadcast. But the film died on Wednesday, two days before release.

In a statement on its side of the fund raising, it was said that while Hilara was on treatment, she died in her sleep. Shirley was grateful to all for her help and donations, which made her so beautiful last week.

In the first lung in 2017, Shirley Heller was found. But in September this year, he said the tumor would disappear, and soon he could go to Newcastle. He lived there. Shortly before her death, Haler said that my parents had lost a child before. In 1999 my brother died. So such a story happened to them.

He told the initiative to raise funds for funeral, I would feel the same situation again, I feel bad. There is no need to plan a non-human burial, but I wanted to reduce pressure on them and make it easier for parents to definitely do it.

More than 3,000 people gave him 6956 kilos of funeral. With this, Shirley Haleer parents can afford to carry funeral expenses and pay for a visit to Scotland. Many donors expressed grief at death, while others expressed interest in any help at the funeral.

A donor named Martin Robson did not know Heller. He wrote, I heard about you in Radio Newcastle and it's very sad for you. After a tear I heard cancer. But you were very brave. I hope you enjoy the same funeral you expect.

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