Burmese Army Explosive Tweets About Warner


Preparing to perform at world stage national team after spending a year in exile, the ICC One Day World Cup is preparing for the performance. Earlier, its supporters against England's Burmese army.

Social Media Twitter has posted a photo of Warner film on British support groups. In it, the word & # 39; deceiver & # 39; Written in front of his jersey. The box location is written in & # 39; Australia & # 39; It established the Burmsi army. As much as two films, Mitchell Stark, and Nathan Leie have put their seminar paper on their hands.

Warner was quoted in a manner similar to the traitor's sandpiper in Cape Town. But by adding Lions and Starches, the Burmese army called the whole of Australia a defender.

Australia-England Twenty-20 is not new. The fight between the original two-team cricket team both teams are favorites this year's World Cup. For this, the English supporters have taken shelter for the trick of mentally recovering the Antichrist.

Prove: Indian Express

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