Bangladesh's highest level in the fall of batsmen


Zimbabwe team

An unsuccessful tour in Bangladesh surrendered to Zimbabwe. Tiger Level 151 rides in the Sylhet Championships Test in the worst hit. This rate in four days!

In order to win, Bangladesh had to get a record. This did not happen, the team of Mahmudullah could not reach the goal of the highest point of 321 runs. It was a great result to leave the fourth day of the session, leaving all 169 matches!

On November 11, Bangladesh will play in the Mirpur series.

A short result

1. Occupation of Zimbabwe: 282 and 2th: 181

Bangladesh 1st injection: 143 and 2nd innings: (goal 321) 169

Fruit: Zimbabwe won with 151 runs

Series: Zimbabwe 1-0 in a series of two games ahead

Man of the competition: Shawn Williams

Cool again

Nazmul Hossain Shant, who did not get caught in the first days, failed. Brendon Maugtah descended on the last part before lunch as he played unnecessary lightning when a short ball went to the game. Sikander Raja, who stood in points, returned with great catch to him. The result is 13 matches of 32 balls

King's third victim Mahmudullah

After seeing Imrul's departure Mahmudullah Riyad played with all his attention. The responsibility of the team is on his shoulders. Today he has to compete for the team. He left him on the court.

But he did not succeed. The return of Sikander Raja to the descent was a bad shot, as Imrul. The King's Ball is descending. Do not hesitate, do not turn on the defender. Without doing this, it was easy to catch the gloves on the body without touching the gloves and caught briefly so that Craig Arvin would expire. The captain of Bangladesh returned from 16 runs in 45 balls.

Imrul returns to the team in danger

Imrul Kayes returned to an unnecessary shot. Imrul's best player was off-spinner Sikandar Raja, who was completely unmarked in the box. But that did not work. He walked to the full length of his leg and left three unprotected stamps. But the target is missing. The ball broke the leg in the legs. Imrul went 43 runs in 103 spheres.

According to Liton, Mominul returned

If tourists won the Sylhet vs Zimbabwe test, the team lost two weekends for 67 runs, which were playing in the equation that will win for the team of Bangladesh. Mominul Haque returned only 9 runs!

Kyle Jarvis's second ball on the 28th place was a little bigger springboard and Mominul wanted to beat slightly. But the accident is holding the hive behind the stick. As a result, he had to return to page 67 rides.

Start of the day in Lyneton's return

Liton Das started well in the fourth Sylhet Test test. Imrul Kayes led the team. He played after listening, but Sikandar ruled the king. It opened in LBW by the end of the 23rd place. He returned to 23 rides with 75 balls.

The coach of Bangladesh is convinced that he won the Sylhet Test

On the second day of the Sylhet test, Zimbabwe reached the 32nd day on the third day of the third day without losing any ball, Bangladesh reached 26 runs. Before Bangladesh could not win so many goals. But coach Steve Rhodes is sure to win. He thinks Sylhet's field is strong now. If the batsmen do not listen to the game, they do not mind winning.

The goal is difficult, but it's impossible not to believe that the coach of Bangladesh is coach Steve Rhodes. If there are a couple of couples, Bangladesh can win the ball.

Tigers will win

To win the Sylhet test, Bangladesh will have to set a record. Zimbabwe put tigers in the face of a terrible challenge. Bangladesh needs 321 trips to win. Bangladesh has no record of winning so many matches in Test Cricket.

The highest result was 285 runs in Zimbabwe in Dhaka in 2005. Against Indian Indians in 2009 he won 211 matches.

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