Another 31 people died in Corona


In the last 24 hours (until Sunday until 8 o’clock) 31 people have died from coronavirus infection in the country. At the same time, 1,006 new patients were identified.

Corona infection has previously been detected in 7,000 545 bodies in the country. Of them 6738 died. 3 salmon 95,000 960 people have recovered.

The information was given in the press release of the health department on Sunday.
In the last 24 hours, samples from 13,217 people were tested in the country including antigen-based tests. Considering the number of tests, the patient identification rate is 12.80 percent.

The death rate in the country till now is 1.43 percent in consideration of the infection.
The first coronavirus infection was detected in Wuhan, China in December last year. Gradually, the epidemic spread to almost every country in the world. The government said it had identified the first infection in Bangladesh on March 8.

Early patient identification rates are low. The infection started to increase from the middle of last May. Until the end of the month, the patient identification rate was higher than 20 percent. The third week of August, it was over 20 percent.

Subsequently, the rate of identification of new patients and also decreased. At one stage, the daily patient identification rate dropped to 10 percent.

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