Abu Bakr and Nahid break up sculpture after leaving Madrasa overnight: Home Minister


Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, file photo

Home Minister Asaduzaman Khan Kamal said four people had been arrested in connection with the vandalism of Bangabund’s sculpture in Kustia. He said, ‘Two students were at night from a local madrasa named Ibn Masood and broke the Bangabandhu sculpture. One of them is named Abu Bakr. The other is Nahid. Alamin and Yusuf were also arrested.

The Home Secretary responded to a question from reporters at his own secretariat office on Sunday (December 6).

The interior minister said, ‘We will not allow creating an anarchy that is centered around the sculpture issue. The general secretary of our Awami League party has clarified the matter. We and those of us who are engaged in maintaining peace, we can say this, no kind of anarchy will be allowed in Bangladesh.

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