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In addition to modeling a small screen, Nazir Mou is well-known. On the ramp for a long time, then on the small screen. Subsequently, he had the Corioagogy of modeling. Apart from this, he also has stealing works by many great brands. He has also seen several organizations as a sort of ambassador. Presentations also made. But the end of last year came in different identities. For the first time she began to work on film contracts. It is also Maa, who is acting against popular Bengali actor Indaniel Sengupta. Already, most of the photos have finished this work, the actress said. He tells Manabjin, a great story & ndash; The film is spoken by Swayebur Rahman Russell. It is built on the base of Bangladesh's preschool, the & # 39; Hark Nandini & # 39; Novel. I'm playing the movie role. Ninara Limited is the production of this film. The film's work began last September. Long acting drama drama, why did the movie so late? Previously, he received offers in films. In this context, the actress said, before that, I got the act of acting in some films of the FDC business. But I do not work in the pictures. Because of my favorite stories, I'm acting in this film. And Indranil, a hero of Nandini & # 39 ;, helped me a lot in the job. He is a very good person. Also good as an actor and co-artist. While shooting, he is convincing and holding a sequence. We did the rehearsal work. So easy to shoot. We've already shot two songs. Tamade Rahman has made the film screenplay. It feels good to do the job. Apart from Mau and Indranil, many actors like Fazlur Rahman Babu, Eresh Jake, Munira Yusuf Mami, Jiaashree Car Jaya, Ellora Gahh are in the film & nbsp; & nbsp; Nandini & # 39 ;. Najira Moy said about the work of the film, remember the first day's scene today. The first scenario is that Indiana would offer me an offer. The entire half-minute scene is half an hour. Then I took the whole shot in the car and shot it. It was a great shot. Just don't play in this movie now? MOE has in response to this question, no, no. For the screen, I'm working in the drama and series. I did not leave the small screen. There are several television serials currently broadcast on different TV channels. In the meantime, Faridul Hasan's lucky thirst & # 39; And SM's Shah's Sonavan & # 39; After the & # 39; Sonawan & # 39; Drama from Bergen's regional language, the audience has a lot of answers. Also, & # 39; Ashar Ranjan & # 39; Pot of pot is also promoted. In the meantime, & quot; Mental Mental & quot; And just five crawls, I played in two plays. Onion Aich managed and soon I will start working in a serial titled & # 39; Mahua & # 39; By Mohammad Honkon Uncle. Wants to do well. I'm happy with it. I do not much cough. And I want to do the front path with good work in the shows.

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