Vaccine as a cancer therapy? Researchers successfully test the drug in mice


Vaccine – Yeah or not? The question of Germanism can certainly ask, because in this country there is no obligation to vaccinate. It is also observed in the so-called HPV vaccine. The contained in it Active substance Protects against human papillaviruses (HPVs) Cervical cancer Can cause. These viruses infect the mucosal cells and allow them to dissolve uncooked. But only a few take advantage of this opportunity.

The German Cancer Research Center (DCFs) Is now working on one VaccineTo help women and men who are already infected with HPV. "Our goal is to be therapeutic Vaccine Can be used to treat people who have had HPV infection and who may already have HPV or cancer or PR, "says Professor Angelika Riemer Of DCFsThis distinguishes the new strategy from the already existing one Vaccination, Because it only works if it was admitted with an infection with HPV.

First tests are successful

Such therapeutic vaccination activates immune cells, the so-called cytotoxic cells. These can be tiny molecular structures of the papillavirus Epitopes – Recognize on the surface of HPV-infected or already resulting cancer cells. Therefore, they are classified as suspicious and killed by immune cells. A Vaccination However, it only develops antibodies that protect against future infections.

So far the theory. In fact, at least 50 percent of initial tests worked, "half of the vaccinated mice, tumors disappeared completely," reports RealmHowever, because human papillaviruses infect only human cells, researchers have to dry a little. For such purposes, there are special mice whose immune system – simply said – was "humanized", the professor explains. Cells prepared by scientists are implanted in the mice and produced the tumors.

T cells are sent on patrol

In the experimental Vaccine Contains the most important part of these EpitopesWhich carries the HPV-caused tumor on its surface. These are transported to the lymph nodes after vaccination. "This is especially effective in triggering an immune response, because it contains all the immune cells needed for a defense reaction," explained Realm,

Then the cells already mentioned come into play: if they hit an injected epitope, that means for them the signal, the rest of the body for enemy cells with them. Epitopes To look for. And that can only be cancerous cells, which are then best killed by the cells.

Try on some animals

The next step in research Angelika Riemer And her team will be able to increase their success rate to 100 percent. And that takes time. Although an experiment was relatively quick in mice, the experiment should be carried out on a number of animals and in different dosages and time intervals. Realm,

So there are still some "twists" on it Vaccine Necessary until it works perfectly in the mouse. Only then did the research team aim for human trials. How long will it take Realm Still to appreciate this time.

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Hardly anyone can be vaccinated against HPV

Cervical cancer Is the world's third most common cancer in women. It's been more than ten years Germany It is possible to get vaccinated against the viruses. But the proposal is rarely used. Like this DCFs Informing, less than half of 17-year-old girls are vaccinated against HPV. Another reason why now is therapeutic Vaccine Failed.

But why are the vaccination rates for HPV vaccination so low? Realm Believes that it is based on the original senior recommendation. 17-year-olds often hang their age in a "hole" between the care of the pediatrician and the gynecologist. Also reports of some serious illnesses soon after vaccination may be high Realm One reason for the low vaccination rate. Nevertheless, it is now proven that the diseases have nothing to do Vaccination Had to do.

Even without uterus, you are not protected from HPV

Incidentally, in connection with the HPV vaccination, men should also ask the question "vaccination – yes or not?". An infection with HP viruses can also lead to anal cracking, tumors in the mouth and throat and penile cancer. That affirmed Harald zur Hausen, The link between HP viruses and Cervical cancerLast summer. "Total walk in per year Germany About 1,000 cancer cases in humans account for HPV, "said Life In an interview with them DCFs,

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