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Something of the first thing that looks at the iPhone Xr is the incredibly smooth glass rear. If you place the smartphone on an even minimal sloping surface, it will inevitably slip. Sometimes so slowly slow that it first looks when the iPhone is already on the floor – and at least a scratch more in the alumni. Remedy only creates a shell or extreme caution.


If you buy a new iPhone – for which you decide?

The most expensive and greatest iPhone of all times in the test

Speaking Alarms: It's something of the few that distinguishes the Xr from the more expensive iPhone Xs and Xs Max. These have a steel frame that is more robust but weighs more. Other important differences are the camera and the display.

Second camera is missing

In contrast to Xs and Xs Max, the Xr is missing the second camera on the back. Therefore, the Xr does not have to be achieved without optical zoom. Otherwise, the camera is identical to that of the more expensive devices. She also has portrait mode, portrait light and dominates the subsequent change in the blur range. So, who can do without the dual optical zoom, will not miss the dual camera of the more expensive iPhones.

Otherwise, it looks on the display. Anyone who used to use an iPhone X to change the Xr might be disappointed because the more expensive OLED models are superior to the Xr LCD's LCD Retina HD Display. It offers a higher resolution, a higher contrast ratio, and a significantly narrower display edge than the LCD. However, whoever changes from iPhone 7 or 8 will have a lot of fun on the display, because at all LCDs it is currently among the best.

Long battery life

The 2,940-mAh battery of the Xr is also very much fun. It holds as long as it has not been seen by an iPhone for a long time. In the test, the charge state was still about 50 percent after one working day.

Coming to the cheap iPhone, meanwhile, Face ID is also available. This will eliminate the home button, allowing a larger display to be 6.1 inches to be accurate. This is greater than 8 plus – with smaller housing dimensions. Compared with the iPhone 8, however, the device has grown a bit. That does not like everyone. The most compact device in the current series is X's.

The new colors are available in which the Xr is available. In addition to yellow, blue and red, the color coral is a real eye catcher. As mentioned at the beginning, you should put Xr into a shell. In order to have some of the beautiful colors, you have to choose a transparent model.


For iPhone Xr, after a few weeks in the test, a clear purchase recommendation can be made. Until the OLED display and the second camera, it is practically all that Xs and Xs Max models can do. Even the super fast A12 processor is identical. And ultimately, the Xr also costs 300 euros less than the cheapest Xs. So, who wants to have an iPhone of the latest generation and can live with it is not the absolute top model, can not access the Xr without worry.

The iPhone Xr is available from 849 Euro (64 GB).

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