Richter Pharma wants to strengthen its position as a manufacturer


Because the pharmaceutical industry's market environment is more and more difficult, Richter Pharma AG wants to produce even more brands in the future, thereby strengthening its position as a manufacturer. "The majority of our sales are still coming from the trade, but we want to grow especially in the production of veterinary medicine," said Roland Humer, head of Velser's family business, at the note's balance sheet presentation. The company wants to develop a long-term service provider.

In the past fiscal year (as at 31/12) Richter Pharma increased its turnover by 591-601 million euros. The result of business activity (eg), however, fell slightly from € 7.3-7 million. The number of employees rose slightly from 427-443. The deal attributes the decline in earnings to the pharmaceutical trade and investment in the new Welsh West. The company has relocated its logistics division. The terrain covers 17,400 square meters. Richter Pharma invested around € 2,500,000. With the purchase of 10,000 square meters of land, they have also created expansion sites, owner of Florian Fritz.

With 368 million euros, logistics accounts for the largest batch of total sales. The remaining commercial areas are production, human and veterinary medicine. "In veterinary doctors, we are the number one," said Huymer. In addition to the 470 drug trial in this area, 65 new people will be added this year. This is the highest number in the history of the company so far. People are working on new products against headwatch, according to the company's headline.

"FitnessCheck" in operation

In the wholesale situation is challenging. "There has been growth in the market, but no increase in value added," said Huymer. The range is shrinking and even covered with new products. The US There. The pharmaceutical safety directive, in force since February, is an additional burden.

At the beginning of the year, Richter Pharma launched "a multi-year and comprehensive change program". "We pass a fitness check," said Huymer. Business models and processes have been invested to "increase efficiency". (Rome)



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