"PES 2019" and "PUBG" for Xbox One are currently free of charge ⊂ · ⊃ CURVED.de


Surprise: "Battleunions of Playerunknown" and "Pro Evolution Soccer 2019" are currently available for download for Xbox One for free at Microsoft's retail store. How long the offer is still valid is unclear. At least one of the addresses is probably only temporarily free of charge.

The official store of Microsoft Store has only two offers, which sounds too much to be true. You can download both Royale "PUBG" and "PES 2019" soccer simulator at the moment for free for the Xbox One. The tracks are also optimized for Xbox One X, so you can take advantage of a stronger console hardware.

Free for a limited period

However, the thing is catch: At least "Pro Evolution Soccer 2019" will be limited in time to be free. This note is clearly visible on the product page. For how long you can finally play a free version, but it remains unclear. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not name dates here. To test the address, you need to hurry.

On the side of the seller "Battlegrounds PlayerNknown", such a hint is missing altogether. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that Microsoft offers Fortnight a competitor for free. And you need to take some money into your hands: of course you need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold to play "PUBG" on the Internet. The same goes for online multiplayer features "PES 2019", where you can alternatively play a football simulation in offline singleplayer mode.

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