Peace bells rings in Mainz Christuskirche


MAINZ – The 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War was celebrated on Sunday. An extraordinary sign of peace was placed in Christuskirche on this important memorial day. Pop singer Michael Patrick Kelly presented the result of his heart project: "Peacebell" – a German "quiet bell". "Two years ago, I read an article that shocked me: 170,000 church bells have been destroyed for the war," Kelly says of the origin of his idea. Peacebell is now redirecting this process. Counterfeit warfare from the First World War symbolizes not only peace, but also changes.

700 interested people heard the 340-kilogram peace symbol for the first time.

Lord Mayor Michael Ebling opened the event as a sponsor of the project. "The project is a great signal, especially on this historic date." But not only time, but also the place where the bells have been revealed have a symbolic character. In Christuskirche, three out of four bells were removed for the purpose of armaments during the First and Second World War.

At 2:56 pm, Kelly and the head of Wolfram Kons pull the white sheet from Peacebella and the sound through the church. Kelly himself brought ideas for design and was crucial in casting. Fifth commandment "Do not kill" – adorns the back of the bell and advocates the close connection of a singer with Christian faith. There is also a small present in the city of Mainz: the inscription "peace", which takes place in the eternal cycle around the bell, is shaped by the letters of the Gutenberg Bible.

The bell klapper also has high symbolic power: discarded G3. The pistol is the most manufactured and used weapon today and is supposed to symbolize today's wars. "At a time when violence and radical tendencies are perceived, it's important to set the signal," said Kelly, "Paddy." The sound of the bell has a special significance for Kelly. Peacebella's message should also be extended as sound waves. By Thursday, Kelly's peace instrument is still visible in Christuskirche. Then she will sing with a singer for a concert tour, where she will present the moment of silence for peace.

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