"More training for a life you can not want"

Breitenwang – This inclusion in the Reutte district proved a ceremony at the 40th anniversary of Reutte the Lebenshilfe Tirol. Helga Steinlechner and Ehenbichler Mayor Wolfgang Winkler hosted a festive evening at the Event Center (BZ) Breitenwang in front of many visiting guests. When Wendelin Prantl, with his accordion and his "own" game dropped in front of a large crowd, it became clear that the institution more than proved its value. As a brave companion of disabled people to self-sustaining life, the organization is seen as President Peter Müller and Regional Director Franz-Peter Witting. Brave, determined, persevering, they followed the path and could find themselves in great success. They do not keep and care, as in the past, but respond to the needs of customers and integrate them into society, from the very beginning, the list of efforts has been high. The last successful example: the purchase of a floor in a new residential building in the heart of the marketplace where they are door-to-door with unqualified daily life.

Hermann Tschiderer, as a man for the first hour, revealed details from the initial stage, where they could open an open doorway with their colleagues, albeit with their emphasis. The acquisition of a therapeutic bath at that time created a complex of objects.

"You can not help anymore in your life," said Peter Heiler Rosen, who said he was very impressed. The affinity of the custodians and customers at Außerfer felt like touching. Integration is not just a buzzword in Reutte, it's obviously lived.

The general director of the "kdg-medialog", Dominik Friedle, reported very good experiences in working with Lebenshilfe. Employees are fully involved in daily routines and are very popular among colleagues. In general, it was stated that even more people with special needs – as with kdg – find a way in the middle of society. (HNI)

Representatives BM Wolfgang Winkler (left) and Helga Steinlechner held an interview with founding President Herman Tschiderer (second from the left) and current President Peter Müller.

– Nikolausi

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