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The mummy art book day will take place on December 1.

The mummy art book day will take place on December 1.
© Astrid Seme, studio

On December 1, the first book in Vienna will be held. As part of the mummy art book day, the artist book scene in Austria and Germany is illuminated.

The first artist book Irene in Vienna takes on December 1. The mummy art book day explores the experimental and independent artist books in Austria and Germany.

First artist book in Vienna

The interest in artist books is increasing and so it's time for mumok to create a suitable format. A book by artist is characterized by the fact that it contains works of art whose performance and aesthetics require a book format. It creates an independent work of art. With the artist's book, which has been increasingly popular since the 1960's, it should be possible to take a piece of art.

In the Künstlerbuchmesse Wien, the visitors will now have the opportunity to participate with the audience, the producers and the productions.

Information about the artist's book in Mumok

The Moomok Art Book Day will take place on December 1 at 10:00 to 6:00 at the Muscok Cinema. The event will be opened by Simone Messer. From 10 to 18 a series of films on the topic can be seen. At 14:00 a reading performance by Salvador Viviano is on the program. At 4:00, a Thurmann-Jajes will give a lesson to "Artis' Book – A Look Back".

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