Microsoft Office 365 family for one year for just € 50 ·

Black Friday has already started at Amazon and if you want an Office subscription, you should buy it now!

As Amazon writes, the offer is only available today, so if you do not want to risk anything, you should still do so today Put in the shopping cart. You pay for one year 49.99 Euro Six people and different devices can be accessed.

You can find all the Black Friday offers here, and you can get another nice one from us List of our favorite offers To read.

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Before Buying Windows 10 Licenses: Abbreviations You Need to Know

In order not to buy the license in a bag and then annoy yourself, we show you the abbreviations with which Windows 10 licenses are sold and which indicate the scope of the features included in the license.

  • OEM: (Original Manufacturer Manufacturers) The licenses were originally sold to computer manufacturers such as Acer, Medion or Lenovo who equipped their systems with them. They are actually not intended for end customers, but they can legally resell them. Usually only the product key is sold for activation and the operating system itself is downloaded. OEM can only be activated on a PC. No packaging, no support and a lot of fakes in circulation.
  • Retail: (Retail) these are the classic Windows full versions. You’ll get a product key and windows on a data carrier – cd or usb stick. You can use the license on some PCs and notebooks. The product is packaged and with a manual, Microsoft phone support is included. FFP stands for full version (fully packaged product).
  • ESD: (Electronic software distribution) You will only receive a license key by e-mail. These versions are primarily intended for PC manufacturers who equipped their PCs with them. The abbreviation SB (System Builder) appears in connection with this.
  • Scope: Simple mass-produced goods, where you usually get the operating system on a DVD with a paper sleeve. No extras like support or instructions. The dealer should take the warranty.
  • DSP: (Delivery Service Partner) are scaled-down retail versions that Microsoft sells primarily to wholesalers. It is the product key, data carrier, instructions and the original packaging. There is no direct support from Microsoft, the dealer does this.

32 or 64 bit?

You should not rely on 32 bit anymore, the future is 64 bit. Many games and even Office require 64 bit.

Is the super bargain legal?

It is an astonishingly large gray area with windows licenses and even real connoisseurs sometimes have difficulty in clearly recognizing the seriousness of the provider. Pro versions under ten euros have already been negative in the press. Caution should also be exercised on eBay. The costs for the regular version of the home or pro edition are in the Windows store about 140-260 euros. You can offer menus from famous retailers such as Amazon, Saturn, MediaMarkt or Elektronik Conrad.

  • Beware of cheap OEM offers – often only a limited trial version is hidden behind the low price. Worse yet, stolen or fake registry keys which were subsequently deactivated by the manufacturer.
  • For standard private users, we recommend additional Windows 10 Home 64 bit To keep an eye out.

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